Why Should I Apply to NISA?

You should apply to NISA of the reasons that makes the school unique and different. NISA is Africa’s Premier Agribusiness Institute.

  • Industry Based Focused Lectures;
  • Highly conducive learning environment;
  • Onsite accommodations;
  • Pilot farms, Board Room Sessions and Innovation Laboratory (iLAB);
  • Agribusiness Oriented Lectures;
  • Understand the dynamics of Business Financing and Efficient Operations Management and have access to local and international funding and business support opportunities;
  • Highly Experienced Internationally Recognized Faculty Members; and
  • Internationally Recognized Certification and Partnerships.

NISA Application Procedure

Applicants should kindly follow the instructions below:

  • Go through the NISA Official Website (nisa.ng) to understand the benefits of the individual programmes and requirements. Identify a programme of interest.
  • Ensure that you are eligible for the programme you are applying for.
  • Click the Apply Now link under the programme which you have identified as your potential interest. This will take you directly to the pre-registration page.
  • Ensure you fill-in the data required in the Registration Form correctly. NISA will not be responsible for any misrepresentation or misinterpretation of information. Use an active e-mail address and phone number. They will be used to contact and send you vital information as we process your application.
  • Upon successful completion of the pre-registration form, NISA will send an official e-mail to confirm the receipt of application within 24hours. The e-mail will contain your unique application ID and payment information.
  • Proceed to the bank to make a non-refundable deposit of the sum of twenty thousand naira (N20, 000) only for local applicants or $US85 for international applicants. The sum will be used to process your admission and secure a seat and Fellows ID for you in the Sustainable City. It’s a strong indication of commitment and interest in the programme.
  • Ensure your details for the payment are the same with your data captured in the pre-registration form.
  • Upon verification of your payment, within 24hours for local applicants and 3days for international applicants, NISA will send an e-mail confirming your payment and give you necessary guide to proceed. Endeavour to save or keep your receipts or evidence of payment.
  • NISA will send you a successful pre-registration e-mail to you and an added secured link that will make you complete the final application.
  • Endeavour to maintain uniformity of data. Complete the form in block letters.
  • Click summit and you will receive a successful application submission e-mail.
  • NISA Global Board of Directors will access your application and notify you of your admission into the programme you have applied at the Niji Institute of Sustainable Agriculture (NISA), within 3days.
  • The e-mail is an official letter that congratulates and prepares your Agribusiness Education in the Sustainable City. It will highlight the tuition and cost implication of the chosen programme and other advantages that NISA provides her year round global Fellows.
  • You will also be advised to make payments for your tuition and other related expenses using approved payment channels. NISA accepts online transfers and bank deposit. However all payments made must carry the unique student Registration Number and NISA must confirm such payments.
  • Your admission remains conditional until you have fulfilled all the conditions required.
  • Endeavour to keep your phone ON because NISA Global Directors might book an interview with you on phone to access the level of your preparedness, so as to take you through the wholesome experience the institution provides upon your arrival.

For questions regarding admission process or any general enquiry or clarification, please contact the Admission Office: Global Fellows Centre on: +234 (0) 8037066261 or email us at: info@nisa.ng