Our Story

Welcome to NISA. We are Africa’s Premier Agribusiness Institute.

The Niji Institute of Sustainable Agriculture (NISA) is Africa’s premier Agribusiness Institute established in 2016 with a commitment to empower Africa through effective in Agribusiness. The Institute draws her deep insights from the over 27years practical experience of her parent company, Niji Group in providing critical end-to-end solution to the Nigerian agricultural sector.

NISA currently offers four unique programmes; the Future Enterprise Fellows Programme (FEF), the Emerging Fellows Programme (EFP), the Global Executive Fellows Programme (GEF) and the Specialized Course Track (SCT). These programmes cover farm operations and resource management, food and agro processing, agribusiness management, agricultural machineries and agro processing equipment design and fabrication, marketing & agro-tech, clean renewable and sustainable energy and pharmacognosy (herbs cultivation and processing).

NISA is governed by a Global Board of Directors made up of individuals with proven track records in academics and business. NISA is endorsed by reputable educational and developmental organizations around the world.

NISA campus is located in the Sustainable City, Ilero, Oyo State, South-West, Nigeria.

NISA has dedicated pilot farms, board rooms and highly conducive and spacious lecture halls wherein student are exposed to the real act of Agribusiness in addition to hands-on practical experience through Niji Foods processing factories and Niji Farms, which is reputed to be one of the largest cassava farms in Africa. NISA has core competence in Agripreneurship and prudent Agribusiness investment model development. All courses offered at NISA are industry-focused, classified mentorship and finance and business support and endorsed by leading educational institutions and developmental organizations around the world. The school was established in 2016 by Kolawole Adeniji out of his passion to enhance the productivity of farmers and Agribusiness investors. NISA is incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria.

Kolawole Adeniji is the Founder and Director of the Niji Institute of Sustainable Agriculture.


Our Vision

Empower Africa through Agribusiness. Our vision is “to educate the next generation of highly socially responsive and innovative Agripreneurs with an undying passion for the shared prosperity of Africa.”


Our core values are sets of defined principles that govern our corporate and social existence. They define our operational excellence and the global lifestyle of our Fellows and Partners.


Cold is slow. We are ignited by a force that is greater than our challenges. We always breakthrough! Spark the fire and hold the lampstand; until the search is over, the candle keeps burning.


We keep the lead through consistent impact and excellence (meeting needs and solving critical human challenges).


Integrity is the capital asset of business prosperity. We live and keep our words. Respect and reliability are keen to our corporate culture.


We productively engage revolutionary minds and technology to defer odds. We believe in possibilities.

Our Mission

We are creating sustainable pathways to Africa’s development. Our mission is “to serve the global African community with best Agribusiness investment options and Agricultural practices that will satisfy today and secure the future of the next generation.”


NISA is dedicated to raising the best brands of Fellows that will passionately influence positive outcomes and effective represent the entrepreneurial leadership progress across Africa. While we observe the world leading KP’S our global key performance index is SURE.SURE is a solution designed for Africa and our Fellows are committed to it. This is the spirit of NISA.


Taking thought of the next generation. Creating innovative solutions that seeks social and economic progress of the society.


Our impact is a reflection of the depth of our understanding.


Though we are committed to repair and rebuild, there is no need for the wheels to be reinvented. Innovation, invention and technology are critical aspects of our pursuit. Our Fellows are committed to creating new paths and follow them through. We are pathfinders.


We desire influence that transcends fame and reputation. Integrity and honesty that delivers high performance are the key quest of our fellows – superior excellence and timeless value.

NISA Model of Knowledge Transfer (K-T)

We are ardently committed to research endeavour that drives social and economic progress. We research to enrich lives. We adventurously seek how things can work better for our community.

While we celebrate the wonders of discoveries, we can only derive the real dividends, when it is properly developed. We keep every detail and give them the required attention to harnessing the real value.

Sustainability is a critical component of all enduring discoveries. Never allow yesterday lead you today. Engage the future with the spirit of thriveability (maintain the lead).